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                       About  Fenn 



Fenn Elevera lived a young life of abuse and pain and survived by removing herself from the situation and by migrating to the UK as a young adult. Moving was the very beginning of her taking her life into her own hands. Some miraculous years followed, wherein she discovered the ability to run her own business (as a Dutch teacher and translator initially) and, as she received a phone call from a family member admitting sexual abuse inflicted on her in her childhood, a new time emerged as the related memories flowed back; a time for healing. As Fenn chose to dedicate her lifetime to her inner well-being, she later grew into a beloved source of healing for others.


With faith and courage to heal from her past, Fenn began purging all of her tormenting and toxic feelings, allowing herself to cry her pain and grief and to be held by herself as though she was her own parent. She then learned a few basic boxing moves as her personal way of setting free her inner anger. Finally, when her time had come to also let go of long-carried shame, she concluded that this could only be achieved by surrendering to omnipresent love, a love greater than solely her own. During this process once again her faith and courage were tested, but simply not knowing how to shed her feelings of shame by her own doing, she proceeded by folding her hands together and asked for help. This simple moment of trust and surrender brought to her life a newer awareness and inner wisdom that emerged from connecting with the pure blessing that is omnipresent love.


This omnipresent Love which Fenn often calls God -albeit without following any religion- still guides her to this day in all of her healing practices. She uses and taps into the great and eternal source of wisdom and love, as part of her self-love teaching work, her healing work, and as part of her psychic work, which is known to be pure, accurate, warm, truthful and inspiring. She also draws on this unconditional Love in her everyday life plus uses it to write loving and insightful weekly messages to humanity.

See her weekly MESSAGES.


After her awakening, Fenn moved on to a new realm or consciousness which many know as ascension. It is the merging with what many refer to as God or the process of getting to know the Self as only Light through reincarnation or Soul renewal. It was a challenging process for her as it demanded of her to not only let go of the conceptual belief in ego such as during awakening, but also to let go of the conceptual idea of Self as separate to the point of oneness as lived or as the only knowing. 


Fenn Elevera has written a practical reading/work book about developing and embracing Self-love, for those who are currently walking the path of healing, which she named The Beautiful Practice Of Self-Love. She created the beloved book in order to assist, help and guide others in their personal healing processes from their life or childhood whilst empowering them to connect with their personal, inner awareness and their own, unique connection to Omnipresent Love or Universal Love - which she believes each of us are and connects the world we live in.





  With Love,

   the Team

          Photography by: Cindy Sandra Gunawan




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